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 Strategis drives Institutional Clients to 

 energy independency through

 key enabling technologies 

Strategis drives Institutional Clients to energy independency through key enabling technologies

At Strategis, we believe that the world needs a clean energy revolution in order to break dependence on fossil fuels. Such a revolution would enhance global energy security, promote enduring economic growth and tackle environmental challenges such as climate change. It would break the long-standing link between economic growth and CO2 emissions.


Our team helps our clients to focus their research and analysis of clean energy strategies, policies and technologies – which include renewable energy, electric vehicles, nuclear power and hydrogen and fuel cells – on ways to boost demand and deployment so that the clean energy revolution can be achieved in their juridictions.


Teaming up with key worldwide players in the field of renewable energies, Strategis is able to exploit a significant wealth of scientific and industrial expertise to provide specific recommendations on how to scale up deployment of these key technologies toward a secure, clean and competitive energy future.

Green Energy
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